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With Cloud Expo 2012 Silicon Valley (11th Cloud Expo) due to open in two weeks' time at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA - co-located with 2nd International BigDataExpo - let's introduce you in greater detail to the distinguished individuals in our incredible Speaker Faculty for the technical program at the West Coast conference... We have technical and strategy sessions for you dealing with every nook and cranny of Cloud Computing & Big Data, but what of those who are presenting? Who are they, where do they work, what else have they written and/or said about the Cloud and/or Big Data solutions that are transforming the world of Enterprise IT? CLOUD EXPO SPEAKER NAME: Jonathan Bryce TWITTER: @jbryce ORGANIZATION: OpenStack Foundation 11TH CLOUD EXPO OPENING KEYNOTE TITLE: Open Cloud – Place Your Bets! SESSION DESCRIPTION: http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/23909... (more)

Mezeo Software President and CEO to Discuss "The Profit Model for Cloud Computing" at Cloud Computing Conference & Expo

Cloud Expo on Ulitzer Mezeo Software (www.mezeo.com), the leading provider of a deployable cloud storage platform, today announced that Mezeo President and CEO Steve Lesem will present at SYS-CON's 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo. The Conference theme is, "Bringing the Economics of the Web to Enterprise IT Through Cloud Computing." Lesem's presentation, "The Profit Model for Cloud Computing," will examine how the cloud storage segment is providing a model for how to create a profitable cloud computing industry. "An ever-increasing number of companies are buying computing, storage and networking power as they need it from the cloud," said Lesem. "The foundation of the IT infrastructure market is shifting due to the advent of cloud computing and other factors, including economic changes and technology advancements. IT service providers are rapid... (more)

Safer Cars Faster with Continuous Delivery | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #DevOps

As smart cars, pre-loaded with millions of lines of code, are becoming the norm in the automotive industry, the topic of safety has come to the forefront of the conversation in a big way. Most consumers remember several large-scale recalls in the past few years, and it's left some a bit wary of software glitches that could affect driver safety. The automotive industry has always been bound by strict safety regulatory certifications and compliance rules, designed to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the software embedded in it. However, despite industry efforts to put best practices in place, the rate of issues and software failures has been increasing. In his recent article for Automotive World, Andreas Dharmawan discusses the key regulations and compliance guidelines that the automotive industry is required to meet: MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability A... (more)

SCO Code Will Very Soon Be Removed Entirely from the Linux Kernel

The US software company Aduva has announced its intention to release a tool to root out SCO code in the current Linux kernel and replace it. What the vnu.net report says is that the Butler Group, a company of analysts, has suggested in a recent research note  that it can only be a matter of time before SCO code is removed entirely from the Linux kernel. "Even if SCO's claims are proven to be true that the 2.4 kernel and later do contain Unix code," says the report, 'the kernel will be rewritten." So is it true that vendors and users could easily recompile their Linux software to temporarily remove modules that may contain SCO copyrighted software, thus avoiding potential demands by SCO for royalty payments? Well, even if it is, the point is moot until such time as SCO Group goes on recordsating what exact Linux components lie at the hertb of its lawsuit against IBM.... (more)

SCO's IP Gamble

Anyone reading this is likely aware of The SCO Group's claim to intellectual property (IP) rights in the Linux kernel. SCO hired legal guru David Boies (who prosecuted the government's case against Microsoft) and initiated a two-pronged litigation and marketing attack. To recap: in March 2003 SCO sued IBM for breach of its software agreements with SCO, misappropriation of SCO's trade secrets in Unix, and wrongful dissemination of those trade secrets via IBM's contributions to open source and Linux. In May, SCO wrote to 1,500 of the world's largest companies, asserting that Linux infringes SCO's IP rights and that end users may face legal liability from the use of Linux. In July, SCO registered for copyrights in its Unix-based systems, and in August announced the availability of a $699 per CPU system "license" for Linux end users "to cure the SCO IP infringement iss... (more)

"Microsoft is Afraid," Says KDE's Staikos

One of the most interesting reports on COMDEX yet to surface comes from George Staikos, core developer and promoter of the Linux-based desktop KDE - one of the 6 winners of an O'Reilly competition to send 6 open source projects to COMDEX. The prize was a timeshare, if you will, of a small podium in the "Open Source Innovation Center," but that was plenty for KDE, Staikos writes, at the KDE site. "Among the visitors to the KDE booth were CIOs, CEOs, VPs and presidents of major companies and smaller businesses, students, hobbyists, journalists, and professionals," he writes. "I was stunned to see executives from Fortune 500 companies coming by for a demo of KDE, saying that it was their favorite desktop and that they hope that we continue to do such a good job so they can adopt KDE for desktop deployments in the future," Staikos continues. Surprise Visitors...from R... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Len Rosenthal of PathScale

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Len Rosenthal, Vice President of Marketing for PathScale Listen to the interview ... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Jaldhar Vyas of Debian

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Jaldhar Vyas Debian developer. Listen to the interview ... (more)

SCO vs Red Hat: Clarification Re Requirements for a Declaratory Judgment

Maureen O'Gara reported on the Red Hat order, but she shows some confusion about the wording of the order. O'Gara is a good reporter, and it's easy to misunderstand legalese, but it seems worthwhile to clarify so no one gets confused. First, here is what she wrote about the judge: "She agrees with Red Hat that it has a 'reasonable apprehension' of eventually being sued by SCO since 'There is no question that Red Hat is a Linux software developer who is engaging in the allegedly infringing activities' that SCO is claiming and since, as Robinson reckons, SCO has basically said it would sue Red Hat. "The line 'There will a day of reckoning for Red Hat' that fell from the lips of SCO CEO Darl McBride didn't pass her notice no matter how SCO has subsequently attempted to construe the remark. "Because Red Hat's situation meets the two criteria - the threat of a suit and p... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Anthony Johnson, Storix

SYS-CON Radio interviews Anthony Johnson, "El Presidente" of Storix, winner yesterday of the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award for Best Data Back-up and Storage Solution, live at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2004 in San Francisco. Click here to listen [interview in MP3 format] ... (more)

SYS-CON interviews Martin Buckley, ZENworks (Novell)

SYS-CON interviews Martin Buckley, "Evil Zen Scientist" and Director of Product Management for Novell's ZENworks product line, live at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2004 in San Francisco. Click here to listen [interview in MP3 format] ... (more)

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