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According to Larry Rosen, "One of the challenges to writing about licensing in a book not specifically written for licensing professionals is to make a very dull subject interesting." A Complete and Thorough BookRosen has met that challenge in his exciting guide to the Open Source licensing zoo. As an extra fillip he offers a set of five Open Source Principles so clear and brief that the Open Source Initiative (OSI) would be well advised to adopt them, plus two new licenses intended to solve not only the weaknesses of some of the current Open Source licenses, but resolve the many problems that revolve around the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) GNU General Public License (GPL) and Lesser General Public License (LGPL). This clear book spends 314 pages in detailed discussion of more legal issues than this review can touch on. The author has the advantage of having trai... (more)

Best Practices for DevOps Success By @JackieKahle | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Four Best Practices for DevOps Success Much of what is written about DevOps focuses on the development team and on making things faster. And the ops team is thinking, "Whoa, slow down! We need to ensure there's quality, so going fast with poor quality doesn't help." So dev and ops are immediately at odds with each other, because their goals are different. You want to center all teams around the common objective of having a predictable and reliable customer experience. That's just not a coding issue. There is a difference between quality of code and quality of experience, and what really matters to an organization is quality of experience. Dev, ops, and testing all succeed together in creating a quality experience, or they fail together. Achieving DevOps success requires coordination across different IT department workflows, and poses a challenge for many organizat... (more)

Monetizing the "Internet of Things" By Aria Systems

Internet of @ThingsExpo Early Bird Savings here! There's no doubt that the Internet of Things is driving the next wave of innovation. Google has spent billions over the past few months vacuuming up companies that specialize in smart appliances and machine learning. Already, Philips light bulbs, Audi automobiles, and Samsung washers and dryers can communicate with and be controlled from mobile devices. To take advantage of the opportunities the Internet of Things brings to your business, you'll want to start preparing now. In his session at Internet of @ThingsExpo, Brendan O'Brien, Co-founder at Aria Systems, will discuss: What you can do today to prepare your business for The Internet of Things Some inherent challenges with The Internet of Things Considerations and approaches for monetizing The Internet of Things Speaker Bio: Brendan O'Brien is a Co-founder at Aria S... (more)

Six Amazing Linux Months

July 2003 The Consumer Electronics World Embraces Linux - CE Linux Forum forms Mandrake Momentum Continues - tally of languages in which Mandrake Linux is supported passes 40 SCO's Treatment of Linux "Akin to Water Torture" Says BusinessWeek -  "Will This Feud Choke the Life Out of Linux?" asks a BusinessWeek writer Morton Joins Torvalds at OSDL - first Linus joins OSDL, now his right hands man does the same MS Shifts Houston to the Linux Front Line - Peter Houston joins MS's Enterprise Management Division Matrix Meets Linux Meets SCO vs IBM - Australian-based network of developerstracks SCO vs IBM issues online Key Features in the Linux 2.6 Kernel Will Favor Enterprise - the 2.6 kernel, says Torvalds, will include a variety of features for enterprise applications - HOT STORY Getting Linux Running on an Xbox? Start Here - a vulnerability within the Xbox dashboard seems ... (more)

The Loki Drama Rears its Head Again

If you want to know a major reason that many major game publishers are hesitant to strike into the Linux market, there is a one-word answer: Loki. The demise of Loki Software, a company that once existed solely to provide ports of major game clients for the Linux market, has put an edge of fear into major game publishers that the Linux market simply will not purchase enough games to cover the costs of the extra coding. The problem, of course, is that (depending on who you talk to), the death of Loki Software had to do with many, many things, not just the game purchasing market. What these other things are is of course open to debate, and to properly discuss them in a public forum requires judicious use of the word "alleged" if to protect from lawsuits and from spreading potential "just a rumor" information as the truth and nothing but the truth. In an interview with ... (more)

"SCO Is Not Going Anywhere With This Claim," Says Bradley Kuhn

Hear this, plus what else he had to say by listening to his interview with LinuxWorld Magazine's Dee-Ann LeBlanc, in an interview recorded just this morning at today's LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.   Listen to the interview   ... (more)

SCO vs The Rest - "Happy First Birthday, Groklaw!" Say Linux & GPL Lovers Everywhere

"What a difference a year makes," writes Pamela Jones, a.k.a. "PJ," in a one-year anniversary article just posted at groklaw.net. "When we started," she continues, "all the headlines were saying that SCO was going to destroy Linux or at least make it cry. Now, looking around today, I see almost everyone predicting SCO's imminent doom instead. I think the truth, as usual, isn't in the headlines, and that it's somewhere in between those two extremes." Rather than steal PJ's thunder, LinuxWorld urges you to go over to Groklaw at once and enjoy the anniversary piece first hand. We'll give just the tiniest sampler, to give the spirit of Jones's thoughtful prose, in case you are new to it: "Like I said, a year can make a big difference. One thing that has not changed is Groklaw's view. From day one, I wrote that the case was flimsy, and that the GPL would stand effective... (more)

RightScale to Extend Cloud Management to Private & Hybrid Clouds

"Cloud computing technology is evolving rapidly, giving users many more choices for where and how to develop, test and deploy applications on the cloud, depending on the level of security, regulatory compliance, scalability and cost savings desired," said Thorsten von Eicken, RightScale CTO and founder. RightScale has announced that the RightScale Cloud Management Platform will support the global debut of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (powered by Eucalyptus) to help enterprises deploy and manage "private" clouds in their own data centers. Organizations that install the just-announced "technology preview" release of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, which is released as part of the Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition, will be able to create Eucalyptus-based private clouds on their internal IT infrastructure and can then choose to register them with the RightScale Cloud Management Platf... (more)

Ixonos marrieseZ Systems' World-Leading Content Management Solution With its own Red Hat Certified Cloud

HELSINKI, February 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ixonos, a creative mobile solutions company and Finnish cloud solution provider, has made a deal with Norwegian web content management (WCM) and customer experience management (CXM) provider eZ Systems to build a flexible and reliable cloud solution. The Ixonos-enabled eZ Publish Cloud helps turn eZ's award-winning open source web content management platform eZ Publish into a customised cloud edition. Ixonos launched an open and secure enterprise cloud solution called Ixonos Elastic Cloud™ in May 2011. It is the first Red Hat certified cloud in the Nordic countries, which means it is particularly well suited for the numerous enterprise customers already running their applications in Red Hat Linux environments. "At Ixonos, we are focused on providing continuous innovation in the development of our cloud resources, which are ... (more)

ViXS Systems Inc. Showcases Media Excellence at CCBN 2012

Showcasing Set-Top Boxes, Media Gateways / Hubs, Blu-Ray, Transcoding, NAS, n-Screen/Multi-screen, MoCA®technologies at the ViXS®Booth TORONTO, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - ViXS Systems Inc., today announces it will be demonstrating new technologies, designs and consumer products at this year's China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition in Beijing, March 21 - 23, 2012.  Throughout the 3 days of the Exhibition, ViXS will demonstrate innovative media processing, patented transcoding technologies, broadcast/infrastructure solutions, n-screen/Multi-screen products, latest Advanced Set-Top Boxes (STB), advanced conditional access (CA)/Digital Rights Management (DRM), new Blu-Ray/Media Hubs, Smart XCode™ streaming and MoCA network devices. All aspects of ViXS' revolutionary media processing technology will be showcased using XCode® Integrated Circuit (IC) based real w... (more)

Ulticom Tackles 4G/LTE Roaming at LTE World Summit

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 06/18/13 -- Ulticom, the industry leader in signaling solutions, announces sponsorship of the Pre-Conference Signaling Focus Day on June 24, part of the LTE World Summit June 25-26, 2013. Ulticom's Chief Architect, Kim Fisker, will present on the subject of: Real World LTE Roaming - Signaling Deployment Strategies. Mr. Fisker will present an overview of the state of LTE Roaming with an emphasis on Diameter Signaling. He will talk about roaming issues, both current and evolving, for LTE Data, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and messaging. Included will be practical, real-world examples of interworking solutions Ulticom has deployed as this dynamic field evolves. In this presentation, Mr. Fisker will describe why Diameter Signaling has become essential to the future of Roaming, and why a Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) is a critical c... (more)

CloudEXPO Stories
As you know, enterprise IT conversation over the past year have often centered upon the open-source Kubernetes container orchestration system. In fact, Kubernetes has emerged as the key technology -- and even primary platform -- of cloud migrations for a wide variety of organizations. Kubernetes is critical to forward-looking enterprises that continue to push their IT infrastructures toward maximum functionality, scalability, and flexibility. As they do so, IT professionals are also embracing the reality of Serverless architectures, which are critical to developing and operating real-time applications and services. Serverless is particularly important as enterprises of all sizes develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.
While a hybrid cloud can ease that transition, designing and deploy that hybrid cloud still offers challenges for organizations concerned about lack of available cloud skillsets within their organization. Managed service providers offer a unique opportunity to fill those gaps and get organizations of all sizes on a hybrid cloud that meets their comfort level, while delivering enhanced benefits for cost, efficiency, agility, mobility, and elasticity.
Kubernetes as a Container Platform is becoming a de facto for every enterprise. In my interactions with enterprises adopting container platform, I come across common questions: - How does application security work on this platform? What all do I need to secure? - How do I implement security in pipelines? - What about vulnerabilities discovered at a later point in time? - What are newer technologies like Istio Service Mesh bring to table?In this session, I will be addressing these commonly asked questions that every enterprise trying to adopt an Enterprise Kubernetes Platform needs to know so that they can make informed decisions.
In a recent survey, Sumo Logic surveyed 1,500 customers who employ cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). According to the survey, a quarter of the respondents have already deployed Docker containers and nearly as many (23 percent) are employing the AWS Lambda serverless computing framework. It's clear: serverless is here to stay. The adoption does come with some needed changes, within both application development and operations. That means serverless is also changing the way we leverage public clouds. Truth-be-told, many enterprise IT shops were so happy to get out of the management of physical servers within a data center that many limitations of the existing public IaaS clouds were forgiven. However, now that we've lived a few years with public IaaS clouds, developers and CloudOps pros are giving a huge thumbs down to the...
xMatters helps enterprises prevent, manage and resolve IT incidents. xMatters industry-leading Service Availability platform prevents IT issues from becoming big business problems. Large enterprises, small workgroups, and innovative DevOps teams rely on its proactive issue resolution service to maintain operational visibility and control in today's highly-fragmented IT environment. xMatters provides toolchain integrations to hundreds of IT management, security and DevOps tools. xMatters is the primary Service Availability platform trusted by leading global companies and innovative challengers including BMC Software, Credit Suisse, Danske Bank, DXC technology, Experian, Intuit, NVIDIA, Sony Network Interactive, ViaSat and Vodafone. xMatters is headquartered in San Ramon, California and has offices worldwide.