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Adaptive Computing Delivers On-Demand Virtual SMP Servers with ScaleMP

Adaptive Computing, the company behind the Moab® unified intelligent automation technology, said today it is collaborating with ScaleMP, the leader in virtualization for high-end computing, to extend its solutions to deliver ScaleMP vSMP Foundation for Cloud for high-performance computing (HPC), data center and cloud computing customers. The combination of Moab with vSMP Foundation enables inexpensive industry-standard systems to be aggregated and configured under the control of intelligent automation software without unnecessary human intervention to collectively deliver capabilities that are normally available only from much more expensive proprietary systems.

Adaptive Computing’s Moab technology enables systems to be provisioned dynamically at the bare metal level with different software stacks and operating systems, including UNIX, Linux and Windows HPC Server 2008, that collectively deliver the optimum environment for the changing needs of compute- and data-intensive workloads. The addition, ScaleMP vSMP Foundation for Cloud, enables elastic scale-up or scale-out capability, on demand and in real time, for optimal delivery of effective cloud computing environments for both HPC and commercial data center environments.

“Increasing data center utilization by leveraging the same systems to accomplish more tasks is crucial in today’s economic environment,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and president of ScaleMP. “By using Moab resource management and provisioning capabilities with scaled-up virtualization from ScaleMP, users receive a true elastic computing experience that redefines the infrastructure on an on-demand basis—meeting the requirements of today’s data center and ensuring they can also easily meet the needs of tomorrow. Adaptive Computing’s flexible provisioning solution makes this vision a reality.”

Moab Adaptive Computing Suite delivers unified automation intelligence that extends far beyond reacting to requests and scheduling data center or computer resources. It predicts the effect of scheduling decisions on the delivery of key business guarantees both in real time and into the future, makes intelligent policy-based decisions to optimize resource usage and, if necessary, adapts those resources to match future workload needs.

ScaleMP™ vSMP Foundation for Cloud enables dynamic, on-the-fly aggregation of x86 servers into larger virtual SMP systems with up to 128 cores and 4TB of memory, effectively creating pools of server resources that can run compute- and data-intensive workloads such as databases, business intelligence and HPC applications that exceed the limits of the individual component systems.

“In today’s environment, HPC, data center or cloud computing facilities must support a diverse variety of workloads and constantly changing resource requirements. Critical to this is the ability to adapt the resources themselves to needs of each individual workload,” said Michael Jackson, president of Adaptive Computing. “Only by working with best-of-breed partners like ScaleMP can we deliver the breadth of solutions that enable a pool of inexpensive industry-standard resources to be scaled out or scaled up on demand with optimized compute, network and operating system configurations. The ability of these combined technologies to create on-demand fully functional compute environments that in a literal sense do not physically exist is truly impressive.”

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing provides intelligent automation software for HPC, data center and cloud environments. The company’s infrastructure intelligence solutions, powered by Moab®, deliver policy-based governance, allowing customers to consolidate and virtualize resources, allocate and manage applications, optimize service levels and reduce operational costs. Adaptive Computing products manage the world’s largest computing installations and are the preferred intelligent automation solutions for the leading global HPC and data center vendors. For more information call (801) 717-3700 or visit www.adaptivecomputing.com.

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