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Pro Tip: Upgrading a previous configuration to Vordel API Server 7.1

You can now download the Vordel API Server v7.1 right off the Vordel website. It comes with handy QuickStart samples to walk you through API registration and management. 

But what if you have an older Vordel installation and you want to upgrade this configuration to run it in the Vordel API Server v7.1? This is easily done using the upgradeconfig script. The upgradeconfig.bat script can be found in the \win32\bin folder of a Vordel 7.1 installation. There is a similar script provided with the Linux and Solaris versions. 

Here is how I upgraded a Vordel v6.3.0 configuration:

upgradeconfig.bat -d C:\Vordel\Vordel630\vordelgateway -o NewConfig

As you can see, I used the -d parameter to point the script to my older configuration. Then I used the -o parameter to point to the output folder where I want the new, updated, configuration to be placed. 

Once I upgraded the configuration, I can then replace an existing /conf/fed folder with the contents of my updated configuration (being sure to rename the old /conf/fed to something else). 

And voila, all my older configuration is updated to the brand new Vordel v7.1. 

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Mark O'Neill is VP Innovation at Axway - API and Identity. Previously he was CTO and co-founder at Vordel, which was acquired by Axway. A regular speaker at industry conferences and a contributor to SOA World Magazine and Cloud Computing Journal, Mark holds a degree in mathematics and psychology from Trinity College Dublin and graduate qualifications in neural network programming from Oxford University.