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What if the connection with your ISP is gone?

Here at Monitis, we have been working hard to improve your experience with our Internal Monitoring Feature. After all of our hard work we are very pleased to announce many new features and enhancements. Let us introduce you to a few of those now.

With our improved Bandwidth and IO Monitors for Windows and Linux, we can identify any potential problems even faster than before. This improvement also helps us to achieve much better insight into network traffic, and gives us more control over our bandwidth costs to prevent any overage charges.
IO Monitors allows you to have insights on your application performance bottlenecks.

Our added Maintenance with Customizable Time Zones allows us to exclude scheduled maintenance from management reports, and show proof of increased uptime and performance. We are able to set up our monitors much faster with this feature without the task of manually configuring time zones.

We have also added offline Agent Alerts. This feature will alert you in cases when your network is down and you are unable to get notifications about performance issues on your infrastructure, thus increasing the reliability of our monitoring. Even if the communication between your servers and our Monitis is interrupted (e.g. your network or ISP is down) you will be alerted and be able to take preventive measures. This helps to ensure that you are aware of any and all major issues, even if your network is down.
Now you can select any of your contacts in our system to get alerts with or instead of you.

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Hovhannes Avoyan is the CEO of Monitis, Inc., a provider of on-demand systems management and monitoring software to 50,000 users spanning small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to Monitis, he served as General Manager and Director of Development at prominent web portal Lycos Europe, where he grew the Lycos Armenia group from 30 people to over 200, making it the company's largest development center. Prior to Lycos, Avoyan was VP of Technology at Brience, Inc. (based in San Francisco and acquired by Syniverse), which delivered mobile internet content solutions to companies like Cisco, Ingram Micro, Washington Mutual, Wyndham Hotels , T-Mobile , and CNN. Prior to that, he served as the founder and CEO of CEDIT ltd., which was acquired by Brience. A 24 year veteran of the software industry, he also runs Sourcio cjsc, an IT consulting company and startup incubator specializing in web 2.0 products and open-source technologies.

Hovhannes is a senior lecturer at the American Univeristy of Armenia and has been a visiting lecturer at San Francisco State University. He is a graduate of Bertelsmann University.