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McNealy: "We Invented Open Source, Gang"

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    In an outburst that he admitted himself was "a little Al Gore-ish," Sun's Scott McNealy earlier this week claimed, in front of Canadian journalists who were asking whether Sun was feeling "pressured" to open source Solaris: "We're the number-one donator of code to the open source community on the planet."

    "To say that we need to be pressured," McNealy continued, interrupting himself to say: "We invented open source, gang."

    According to McNealy - and to his EVP Software John Loiacono - the open sourcing of Solaris 10 which Sun hopes to complete by year's end is just "more of the same" from a company completely committed to the open source community.

    Speaking exclusively to LinuxWorld Magazine's principal analyst Bill Claybrook this month, Loiacono said:

    "Sun was founded on the principle of open source. We have contributed more lines of open source code than any other entity on the planet except for Cal Berkeley. By the way, Bill Joy was one of the founders of Sun and was instrumental in the BSD work that took place at Cal Berkeley. NetBeans, Sun Grid Engine, OpenOffice, and Solaris are all technologies that use the open source process, and we will continue to do so. We'll remain a heavy contributor on the open source front, and it will remain a key component of how we develop software."

    So the McNealy outburst is entirely consistent with Sun's current push to reestablish its open-source credentials. 

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