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Enea Launches Innovative Solution to Jump Start Embedded Linux Projects

Enea has announced an innovative offering to jump start development of embedded Linux projects where performance and unique requirements are of central importance. The Enea Embedded Linux Project Framework (ELPF) is an entirely new approach that offers the core components, tools and services that are common to virtually all Embedded Linux projects in a single, one-stop package. Additional packages and components that are not widely used are available as required.

For many embedded Linux projects, commercial Linux offerings have either too much software or not enough structure. Commercial distributions are often packed with every conceivable Linux package requiring extensive editing down of the software before product development can begin. On the other hand, simply starting with the base, open source Linux kernel leads to a tedious process of assembling, building and testing key packages and tools, adding considerable development time to the project. Until now, development teams have had to choose a fully-loaded distribution and pare it down, or start from scratch and build everything in house. Now there is a better way to get a custom-fit, quickly built-to-order embedded Linux platform with the ELPF.

"The inspiration for the ELPF came from working extensively with clients who engaged us to optimize the commercial distributions they had purchased. We saw that typically only a fraction of a commercial distribution is used in any given project. It is simply not cost effective for many projects to use a full commercial distribution," says Anders Törnqvist, director of the Enea Linux Competence Center. "We have been working with Embedded Linux from the beginning, and that experience is built into our services based platform and acts as the perfect quick-start for many new Linux projects regardless of size or product complexity."

The ELPF mixes an efficient Linux software foundation and professional services offered as a bundle to embedded developers that need the open source benefits of Linux without the unnecessary overhead. The ELPF software platform consists of the most commonly used embedded Linux components, optimized around efficient resource usage, and integrated into a modular build environment. As part of this package, Enea provides highly experienced Linux integration and development resources to ensure you get exactly the Linux product you need for your specific design.

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