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Resara Server 1.0 Released

Resara Server is a small business server solution

On March 29, the Linux software company Resara LLC released its latest open source product, Resara Server. Resara Server is a small business server solution designed to be usable by anyone, regardless of their experience with Linux. It can provide an Active Directory compatible domain through Samba 4, user and computer management, file sharing, remote file access, and much more. "We have been deploying Linux servers since 2004, and we were very frustrated by the lack of easy, practical authentication solutions for Linux", said Resara's CTO, Brendan Powers. "A year ago we decided it was a problem we wanted to solve, and started development on Resara Server".

What sets Resara Server apart from other Linux solutions is how it combines powerful functionality with ease of use. "Resara Server is designed so that anyone can set it up and use it", said Warren Luebkeman, Resara's COO. "Our management tools are far beyond anything else available for Linux", he continues, "By simplifying the process we believe more people will use Linux servers on their networks, particularly small businesses".

You can download the Community Edition of Resara Server for free, or a 30 day trial of the commercial version that includes premium features and support. Resara also has a line of small and efficient OfficeBox server appliances, which come with Resara Server pre-installed. Check out http://www.resara.com for more information.

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Warren Luebkeman is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Resara LLC. Resara LLC is a software company that was founded in 2005 to develop Linux based server products. Resara has extensive experience and expertise in thin client computing, which was the first product developed by the company. In 2009, Resara began development on a new product, Resara Server, which was released in 2011.